The Future of Medicine: How Telehealth can save lives

When my grandma had to go into the doctor for a routine check-up recently, I was more concerned than usual. With the COVID-19 pandemic and shutdown, people were advised to stay home to avoid getting sick, especially those with chronic health conditions.

I wondered if there wasn’t an easier way to monitor her health from a distance, without exposing her to potential risks at the doctors office.

With all the technology currently available, experts are recommending something known as “Remote Patient Monitoring” (or RPM) as a solution to continuity of care. With the right technology on board, RPM can allow physicians to receive data about their patients in real time.

These devices track essential vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose levels, oxygen saturation and temperature. There are also RPM devices for nervous system signals, weight, patient activity and sleep.

RPM Technologies are providing patients and doctors seamless extensions to the highest level of care. These new technologies are increasing doctors profits, reducing patient costs, and saving lives — all while offering exceptional service.

I was skeptical until I heard a story from a good friend whose Dad’s life was saved by this remote monitoring device.

Apparently they were out to lunch shortly after receiving an at-home device. His Dad tried on the pulse oximeter and they thought it was broken because the number was so low. Then my friend tried it on and noticed a much higher number. They called a doctor who told them to go to the Emergency Room Immediately. His Dad would have died within 72 hrs if they hadn’t had the device.

I wondered how many others would still be alive today if more people had access to this type of service.

RPM addresses the health needs of healthy, increasing-risk, and high-risk patients, resulting in stronger adherence rates that improve general health, improve patient satisfaction, and creates additional revenue to the medical practice.

Virtual platforms remotely assess the status of patients and provide a 24/7 monitoring for patient care. The platform also pulls data from patients wherever they are located via their mobile digital devices or remote monitoring kits in their homes. This provides actionable information to clinical staff for timely care interventions.

The newest in-home RPM systems conduct monthly checkups, monitoring blood pressure and heart conditions, chronic care, COPD, serious illness and unstable health status, plus glucose testing. Monitoring Center Professionals and medical personnel, including certified nurses are trained to handle difficult situations and provide great customer service to patients and physicians.

The biggest selling point to me is that RPM is covered by Medicare making it available to the people that need it the most, like my Grandma.

After doing my research I found that TopDocRX(™) is years ahead of any competitors. If you wish to know more about this amazing company, or for a free, no-obligation consultation, please feel free to get in touch!




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